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The Fittest Tribe Alive is an on-demand, remote, and virtual fitness coaching program that features a global community of health-conscious and active individuals looking for lifestyle changes, world class coaching, adventures, races or challenges.

Master Lifestyle Coach Luke Kayyem safely designs programs, experiences and exciting events around the world. His mission is to teach and educate on health and nutrition by inspiring and leading with fresh customized programs accessed or delivered remotely anytime and anyplace.

The Tribe was created to give us what we all need more of….SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMUNITY and RESULTS.

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The Tribe was created to give us what we all need more of….SUPPORT, ENCOURAGEMENT, ACCOUNTABILITY, COMMUNITY and RESULTS.



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    • Remote fitness & lifestyle coaching
    • Flexibility to Train with Anyone from Anywhere in the World
    • Weekly Training Assignments (choose your level: LIFE, FITNESS, SPORT)
    • Monthly Semi-Private Video Coaching Call
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    • Quarterly customized training programming
    • Accountability
    • Daily Interaction via Private Facebook Group
    • Quarterly Accountability Video Coaching Call
    • Weekly Accountability Check-in
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    • Grocery Store Shopping List
    • Quarterly Video Recipe
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    • Free Access to Nutrition Challenges Per Year
    • Monthly Semi-Private Virtual Cooking Session
    • Community extras
    • Instant Access to Complete Library of Workouts, Recipes and Lifestyle Practices
    • Inclusion in Community Network
    • Early Access and Reserved Placement in All Exclusive Destination Tribe Events and Activities (Maui, Grand Canyon, Hell Week, Worlds Toughest Mudder, Mt. Kilimanjaro
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    • $599per month
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Our mission is to teach you the tips, tools, and skills that will allow you to live an Uber high quality of life
through simple fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle practices.


beforeafterMy name is Luke Kayyem and my life as a Coach started when I was 19 years old. My Moms own physical health started to diminish. A strong willed hippy and child of the 60’s who gave birth to me at the age of 43 became my very first client as I began my career in fitness. As a natural caretaker and a boy who would do anything to help his mom, friends, family and animals, I quickly realized serving people and giving them more to life was an incredible gift I had to use to change the world.

My mom passed away a few years later from a stroke at her home in Palm Springs and I was the first person to find her lifeless in the bath tub. A graphic story I share with you so that you may find comfort in hardship and know just how dark of a place I was once in. This dramatic event would ultimately shape who I I have become and “WHY” I have dedicated my entire life to improving the health of others. I was at my lowest in 2005 when I realized who and what was most important to me. I married my lifelong love and High School Sweetheart and within a year we started to grow our own family.

After a few years working at a desk picking up unhealthy habits, extra weight and wasting countless hours searching for my purpose I regained my love and passion to serve others and started to design my ideal life. This time with a focus on a complete guide to longevity. This major shift would become my life’s work through Fitness, Nutrition, Recovery, Cooking, Detoxification and an overall higher quality of life.

Along with my wife Najla and two amazing happy and blooming kids we are living proof that a lifestyle built around nutritious foods and healthy  habits will not only improve how you look, feel and perform but most importantly give you the energy and confidence to sustain a long lean life.

Now you know why becoming your coach matters to me. So what are you waiting for? Join the Fittest Tribe Alive and learn all the tips, tools and techniques to becoming your best ever!

I cannot wait to hear you share your own personal stories with the Tribe that have shifted who you are, how you got here and ultimately what your “Why” is.

In great health

Luke Kayyem


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