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I said I would

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27 Jan I said I would

I said I would,

That’s all there is to it!

Do as you say you’re going to do.

Fulfill the promises you make or in most cases just SHOW UP and DO THE WORK!

It’s officially 1:51 in the early morning and my eyes are bleeding, figuratively.

At least that’s what they feel like as I am sitting at my kitchen table writing my 5th and final blog of the week and I want to do nothing more than get in my warm cozy bed with my half naked wife.



Whoa, did he just…?

Ya, I sure the heck did.

Fellas, today’s message is just for you!

So listen up, Boys.

This ain’t 1955, it’s 2017 and if you don’t have deep impactful warm-blooded physical emotion for your wife and show her strong passionate intense feelings than you are definitely not living your ideal life and I can guarantee your Queen is not either.

So I have provided you with some sexual healing to kick off the weekend with and a few ways to show your affection to your loved one today, tomorrow and for the rest of your lives together.

Happy wife = Happy life.

If you are a husband, father, man or just possibly happen to be all 3 of these then pick up a copy of The 5 LOVE languages for men this weekend and use this tool to make a good relationship great!

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The 5 LOVE languages:

Words of affirmation.
Quality time.
Receiving gifts.
Acts of service.
Physical touch.

As you may know, I am BIG into personal development and refining the skills we need to improve in all aspects of our life.

  • self-awareness
  • knowledge
  • building or renewing identity
  • developing strengths and talents
  • wealth
  • health
  • identifying weakness
  • building relationships
  • enhancing lifestyle and your overall quality of life
  • fulfilling aspirations, goals, and dreams

Wishful thinking alone is not enough to reach the summit and peak of life.

We must take small steps forward every day to become the greatest version of ourselves.

-Your friend Luke

P.S If you find value in the words that are coming out of my fingertips please SHARE this message with your own personal community and be sure to check out my FACEBOOK  page for weekly LIVE videos on living with purpose, passion, and positivity. 

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