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There is an “I” in inspired

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26 Jan There is an “I” in inspired

There is an “I” in INSPIRED,

That’s right!

There may not be one in TEAM but who really cares if you can find ways to create and stay inspired yourself.

So before we get started this morning let me ask you a question.

What drives you forward each day? INSPIRATION or DESPERATION.

Because there is a massive difference between these two impactful and polar opposite motivational factors.

Sometimes we need both in our lives to push us past our comfort zone.

Sometimes they both push on us at the exact same time.

This is the law of Polarity: [Everything is on a continuum and has an opposite. We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole. It is the law of mental vibrations]

This riptide of energy both negative and positive allows the brain and body to work together in harmony to breakthrough and find ways to get the job done.

Inspiration, is how I created the Fittest Tribe Alive and all the global adventures and experiences.

*I wanted to do epic SHIT with epic people!

Desperation, is where I was two weeks before this vision when I was stuck searching for new ways to enroll people in my gym.

*Really? Another 2 week guest pass.

Inspiration, is where you will find your most extraordinary ideas and concepts.

Desperation, is the place you have to get to before those ideas and concepts mature and become activity, movement and drive.

So… Today’s homework assignment and immediate action item is to write down using one sentence.

What inspiration will you create in your life today ____________________________________?

What will you create in desperation for your life today ________________________________?

How did you do on yesterday’s homework assignment to make a personal commitment to disconnecting from all devices for an hour?

Harder than you thought?

Schedule it. Put it in the calendar and when it’s time, put your mobile device away, not just face down!

For all my parents out there, especially my Father’s.

We just implemented a NO SCREEN policy Monday through Thursday and it has been working magically.

In desperation from the excessive devices and inability to function normally we were inspired through friends of ours to cut the massive distractions disabling and disrupting our family time together.

You see how this works?

Opposites attract.  

It’s the balance of Yin & Yang, push & pull, black & white.

Now let’s hear from you and what amazing things you’ve done because of this shift in thought.

Tomorrow I will be sharing some of my personal fitness tips on getting physically prepared to ski or board this season and a few tools to stay out on the mountain as long as possible, injury free.

P.S If you find value in the words that are coming out of my fingertips please SHARE this message with your own personal community and be sure to check out my personal Facebook page HERE for more daily Inspiration.

P.P.S Congratulations to Steve Lee of Lake Havasu, Arizona on completing and sharing the 8 ways to SHOW UP worksheet *photo below. 

We will continue to find ways to engage our audience in conversation and challenge our community by delivering the most informative and effective ways to live with purpose, passion and positivity everyday.

-Your friend Luke

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Check out this amazing video on the 8 ways to SHOW UP everyday
with EMMY winning Anchor and Host Carey Penya of Inspired 360.

I will be dropping words of wisdom every wednesday
as a guest on Carey’s new show “In the moment”.

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