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The lights went out


26 Jan The lights went out

Welcome back brothers and sisters,

Today is the day…..

Did you start your morning off right with the 8 ways to SHOW UP?!

If you didn’t it’s quite alright, I am not mad at ya!

But if you did then this is me screaming for “JOY” silently as I type.  

You see this tool has been a game changer for me and so many of my friends
that I had to share it with you and the Fittest Tribe Alive community.

My hope, is that you use it to start your day out on top and set yourself up for massive success.

If yesterday slammed you in the face then here is the audio version and another shot at making it happen today!

Remember folks everyday is a fresh new start to improve, learn from your mistakes and take action towards becoming a better version of what you were yesterday.

Now back to the regularly scheduled program.

“The lights went out”

That’s right! No juice!

The electricity in North Lake Tahoe went out as we were sitting uncomfortable on the Zephyr ski lift headed to the top on our last run of the day.

So we sat…. and waited….. For over 30 minutes….then reality kicked in HARD for me as a “Father of the Future”.

Where are the kids? Are they on a ski lift too? Where they much higher than us? Are they safe?

How much food did we have? Did I carry enough water?
If I had to would I be able to jump [we were 3 lifts in, 25ft above ground]
Could I climb to safety? Repel? No rope!


Now I am not a Veteran [God bless America & thank you for your service]
I never graduated from the Boy Scouts [I don’t look good in vests] .

I grew up without a Dad or an older brother [I was raised by women]

So I have never had a formal authority or education on surviving in the wild but I do take pride in what I have learned through various experiences like the 2 SEALFIT KOKORO camps [each 55 hours] and the 2 WORLD’S TOUGHEST MUDDER experiences [24 hours], hiking, backpacking and camping in terrible weather and always finding my way home.

This is one of my most valuable lessons in life and one of the foundations I have raised both of our children with.


Panic turned into planning, planning became preperation, preperation gave me complete control of the situation of what I could control and that gave me peace of mind….momentarily.

Click, click, boom! The backup emergency diesel engine kicked in and we started to move up the mountain.

High fives all around, kids sent us a text that they were safely back at the lodge and we were headed down the mountain on our last run of the day. Hooray!

But wait…

Back at the house the electricity was still out, the sun was starting to set and now we had to face our next obstacle.

But first…

Let me ask you, have you recently had to live without electricity yourself?

Do you know how many things we take for granted in our everyday life?

Here is a quick list of what is affected by having zero electricity.

No lights [can’t see] No heat [it’s 5 degrees outside]  No coffee [this one hurts] No fridge [food spoils] No microwave [you should never use it anyway] No phone [unless you have a rotary] No T.V [this one isn’t too bad] and wait for it…



That’s right…No connection to any mobile device, no internet, no games, no netflix, no emails, no Google, no Facebook and no connection to the outside world.



This is exactly what I wanted from our family ski trip!

I call this the DISCONNECT to RECONNECT.

This magical and extremely rare time in your own history is so liberating I recommend it to everyone and for any reason.

I recently held an Employee Empowerment Experience for a boutique real estate firm and my outline consisted of dedicated connect and disconnect times.

What I found out is extremely important to the overall quality and function of our health and lifestyle and it is exactly what I will be talking about in tomorrows message of the day.

For now…

Make a personal commitment to disconnecting from all devices for one hour today.

-Your friend Luke

“Live every moment with Purpose, Passion, and Positivity”

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